Airport Security and Its Procedures.

The procedure of an airport security includes all the techniques and systems, which are used to protect travelers, employees, aircrafts and everything else, which comes in its premises from any harm and crime either accidental or deliberated.

Airport Security

Airport Security

As a countless number of people, including employees, travelers and visitors come and go to and from airports on the daily basis. The more traffic an airport receives, the more it is pruned to the possibilities of potential threats in form of terrorism and other sort of crimes. An airport security system does not only require the land-based protection but also there are cases, such as hijacked planes being used as a deadly weapon, which have to be monitored and secured in order to ensure safe travel to the passengers. The terrorist attacks on airports in recent years have somehow increased the airport security level to the highest peak, whatever may the country and region.

Terrorist attacks, crime and malicious happenings are not the only kind of threats which an airport has to face but there are also incidents of smuggles, fake imposters and spies who can enter the country and harm it if an airport security is unable to prevent such occurrences.

Monte R. Belger, an official of the U.S. Federal Aviation administration states that the goal of an airport security is to protect an aircraft, travelers and employees from any possible harm. It has to support National Security and anti-terrorism policies as well.

In order to conduct a successful security airport security makes sure that no passenger is boarding with a weapon or something which can be used as a weapon. Metal detectors, explosive detectors, puffer machines and many other systems are used in airport are installed in order to do the deed. Even the shops and eating outlets premises are instructed to use plastic utensils to decrease the chances of using such items as weapons.

Some recent technology is being worked on which will detect even the most hidden weapons and explosives on passengers. In many airports, particularly skilled personalities may involve passengers in a chat to notice fears instead of only depending on devices to locate threats.

There are sterile areas in airport where airport security force usually screens the people. Even passengers are cleared from airplanes into this area; after that they are only searched in case of specific conditions.

There are many sensitive areas in a premise of an airport where general public is restricted to pass. These areas include ramps and operational places. These areas are called Security Identification display area (SIDA).

Fiber-Optic  Perimeter is being used in more advanced and developed country. These systems permit airport security to trace any disturbance in the airport limits and make sure immediate notification. This allows relevant officials to evaluate the risk and investigate as soon as possible to take necessary actions involving relevant security procedures.

Each region is always looking forward to bring innovation in its airport security system as it is the main and crucial part of passage for any harmful device or person which can harm the country.